Redfin iPhone App

If you live in one of the metro areas covered by Redfin and are looking for a house, you have to check out their site ( It’s very easy to use, and you can even use one of their agents to purchase the home and save yourself a bundle.

As much as I like their site, it is a bit difficult to navigate quickly on a mobile phone such as the iPhone. It works the same whether you’re on your desktop or an iPhone, but their newly released app makes it even easier.

I downloaded the app right before heading out for some house hunting, and it couldn’t be easier to find homes for sale nearby. It’s got a straight-forward and reasonably attractive UI, and I was able to quickly and easily look up all the important details for the homes that we looked at on the fly. Did I mention that it’s a free app???

Here’s a couple of screenshots:

First, the main screen. This is what I see right after I clicked on the “Nearby Homes for Sale”, which uses the GPS to see where you are and find homes close by. You can input the particulars of what you are looking for to narrow the search (bedrooms, bathrooms, house/condo/townhome), as well as search somewhere other than your current location.

Redfin iPhone App

This is the map view. The numbers in a circle indicate the number of homes/condos for sale in that are. Just touch the number to zoom in and see what is for sale and where.

Redfin iPhone App Map

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