Backdrop – Bringing back one of my favorite pre-OSX features

One of the OS features that I missed as soon as “upgrading” to OSX back in 2001 was the ability to hide everything except the foreground app, including everything that was on your desktop. You could have the busiest desktop known to man, and it all disappeared into a blissful solid color. This was my preferred way of working in Photoshop on the Mac, and was never an issue on windows since the Photoshop application lives in it’s own “super window” that blocks everything else out.

Every once and a while, I’ll do a google search on this to see what comes up, and I have finally found something that works well for me. It’s a little shareware app called “Backdrop” that covers the entire display with a solid color (or bitmap image) of your choice. Since I’m looking for a nice solid grey color, I just launch Backdrop, select the color that I want, and I’m done. You can position Backdrop behind the frontmost app that you have open by selecting it first, then selecting the app that you’re working in via the dock, or with command+tab.

It’s not quite the “hide others” OS shortcut that I was hoping for, but it gets the job done.

Check it out.

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